About us

Who we are

Yossi Levi and Orel Eliaz – Ham and brother-in-law.
Great lovers of creativity and people.
We started alone.

With hunger, burning desire to create,
And especially faith – that we have what is needed, in order to create change.
We abandoned senior positions in the world of electricity and lighting, in order to do what we like most:
Think differently. Create another and deliver a unique, high quality product.

Today, we operate from a vast studio, combining artists and craftsmen with advanced and innovative machinery that helps us turn fantasy into a living and telling lighting fixture.

Family lighting design

We are Dream Lite – a family boutique studio for designing, developing and manufacturing original lighting fixtures.

Since 2015 we have allowed people to get the most out of their space.

How do we do it?

With original thinking, down to detail and a great love for the profession.

Our lighting fixtures decorate living spaces, restaurants and offices, hotels and businesses.
They are made of unexpected materials, interesting combinations, and careful to do things as high as possible.

Why do people like what we do?

Because we are strict about the highest quality

Every day we understand more, how determined to maintain total quality – pays off.
No more Chinese lighting fixtures replicated, sold at lower prices and manufactured at an even lower quality.

Quality in the best sense of the word.
With fine ingredients, meticulous production techniques and a more durable product over time.

Because our lighting fixtures are not like anything else

Nothing limits us.
We try countless shades, countless combinations, challenging the material to become something else.
We look at different shapes, different lengths – all of our imagination or yours.

We will be able to create lighting fixtures that match your personal taste,
And if you will – we will be happy if you choose from the collection in the gallery.

Because as our customers - you get excellent service

When you buy from the creator himself,
You get plenty of attention, patience and love – because the product that comes out of your hand goes to your living room.

Without saying a word about saved savings gaps, blue and white production and close and dedicated accompaniment from the concept stage to installation.